About Us

With the Grace of God’ C.N.Center for Computer Education, Vasana, Ahmadabad, was established in 1993 as a Educational institute.

C.N. Center for Computer Education is the institute which is involved in the business of computer education under the flagship ofMr. Nikhil Parikh since 1987. The Founder of C.N. Center had a clear vision for what would be the value of computer education in the routine life and how to be different from others.

At the time of it’s establishment, C.N.Center for Computer Education was placed among the first five institutes in Ahmadabad. Because of Good Education quality C.N. Center for Computer Education is able to give Job Placement of it’s 60% of students.

C-DAC Gist-PACE (Programme for Advancing Computer Education)

C-DAC – Center for Development of Advanced Computing
C-DAC is a national initative, a mission to bring forth India as a major forces in developing world class Information Technologies. In this pursuit C-DAC has been on to develop a Teraflops Super Computer after it has delivered the celebrated PARAM series of Open Frame Architecture Super Computers. Apart from this C-DAC has developed various programmes for advancing computer education at the grass root level, imparting computer training to the mass, carrying it to the remole regions of the country.

A Multilingual Computing Tool popularity known as GIST (Graphics and intelligence based Script Technology) is a path-breaking effort of putting Indian languages and their complex script as well as grammatical structures on to the computer. Rather on all fronts of Information Technology.

PACE – Programme for Advancing Computer Education – PACE
With the objective of proliferating the use of India Languages on computer, C-DAC evolved the pace training programme in January 1996. The PACE programme has been so designed, that IT which has done India proud can be taken to the grass root level of the society and that every Indian can relate to it and feel as a part of it. The unique feature of this programme is that the courses are designed in such a way that the students learn to use IT in their regional language. The interaction during the course with the students is done in the local language, as well. This ensures better understanding of the concepts, at a very reasonable fee structure. Through these programme, C-DAC wishes for every Indian to take the advantage of the IT revolution in terms of gaining knowledge and applying it.

PACE ATC (Authorized Training Centers)
Under the PACE banner, training centers are called C-DAC GIST-PACE Authorised Training Centres. Apart from the medium of teaching, this programme gives the students and opportunity to make the most of IT without having a technical background. The courses are so structured that those desirous of pursuing a career in the software industry, can do so by enrolling for the advanced courses offered by the ACTS (Advanced Computing Training School) of C-DAC.